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Creepy Short Stories

Creepy Short Stories

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Alessandro Zamboni and Davide Grasso are back with another huge Kindle product called “Creepy Short Stories”, a super guide on how to write horror short stories! It’s easy with their step by step guide to write super easy horror short stories to pack into books to sell on Kindle marketplace. In their guide you will discover a lot of tips and tricks and the necessary strategies to become an expert in the hyper-requested horror genre. Creepy or horror short stories are everywhere nowadays, but only a few Kindle authors noticed that and took advantage of this. This niche is growing over time and calling in even more readers month by month. People love horror and creepy stories, because sometimes we need to feel scary sensations on our skin, and the best thing to do that is reading one of the books in the comfort of our house, when we are quiet and we feel a sense of security.

Creepy Short Stories is the best course to learn how to write horror short stories like a pro, to sell on Kindle marketplace. This is about how to write creepy short stories in a top category like Horror. The training includes extra sections for Kindle publishing, advertising and eCover creation.

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Creepy Short Stories Inside:

  • Why this is the right moment to write creepy short stories.
  • How to get easy ideas for countless stories.
  • How to create a superb main character.
  • Over 50 top villains to choose from.
  • How to create a nightmare villain for your story.
  • How to select your creepy location from a choice of 100’s of places.
  • The easy steps to brainstorm your short story.
  • The right 17 questions to answer before closing your story.
  • 100’s of different short stories to read to get inspiration.
  • The right categories in which to publish your book.
  • How to create a winning Kindle cover for free.
  • How to publish your book on Kindle marketplace.
  • 5 advertising methods.
  • The 3 next steps you must take after reading the book.
  • And much, much more!

Creepy Short Stories OTO / Upsell:


This is our second guide about creepy short stories, but this time we focused our training on stories for children.


This is the product who sold more copies for us, reintroduced here as OTO2. It’s “Secret Children Books”, and inside you will find brilliant genres and instructions to write children’ short books like a pro.

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